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BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement

Welcome to Implement Continuous Improvement

This Leaner’s Guide covers the following unit:

·         BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement the organisation’s continuous improvement systems and processes. It covers using systems and strategies to actively encourage the team to participate in the process, monitoring and reviewing performance, and identifying opportunities for further improvements.

It applies to managers who have an active role in implementing the continuous improvement process to achieve the organisation's objectives. Their position is closely associated with the creation and delivery of products and services which means that they have an important role in influencing the ongoing development of the organisation.

At this level, work will normally be carried out within routine and non-routine methods and procedures, which require planning, evaluation, leadership and guidance of others.

BSBCUS402 Address Customer Needs

Welcome to Address Customer Needs

This course covers the following unit:
  • BSBCUS402 Address Customer Needs

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop strategies to manage organisational systems that ensure products and services are delivered and maintained to standards agreed by the organisation.

This unit is informative for individuals who supervise the provision of quality customer service within an organisation.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage the ongoing relationship with a customer, which includes assisting the customer to articulate their needs, meeting customer needs and managing networks to ensure customer needs are addressed. It is best suited for individuals required to be familiar with a product and/or service that varies widely and is capable of significant customisation.

Leading Team Effectiveness and Promoting Innovation

Welcome to Leading Term Effectiveness and Promoting Innovation.

This Leaner’s Guide covers the following units:

·         BSBLDR403 Lead Team Effectiveness

·         BSBINN301 Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

These units define skills, knowledge and outcomes required to plan and supervise the performance of the team and develop team cohesion.

These unit is informative for team leaders, supervisors and new emerging managers who have an important leadership role in the development of efficient and effective work teams.

Leaders at this level also provide leadership for the team and bridge the gap between the management of the organisation and the team members. As such they must 'manage up' as well as manage their team/s.